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8 months ago
Only1badass Day ago
Might wanna rethink that Asia trip this year!
Daniel Burow
Daniel Burow Day ago
I miss Danny
Timothy Murphy
The Pirates of the Caribbean series
React to Woodkid’s run boy run music video. PLEASE!
Chu Chuz The cat
Usually corridor crew criticizes other people’s work but in this episode Zach took the really hard test of corridor crew.
Lauchoide Day ago
In Argentina if you go outside and you don't have a good reason you go straight to jail jajajaja
Person Pacman
Arina Guseva
Arina Guseva Day ago
10:30 I loved this movie as a kid.
Jonathon Raclaw
I want to say thank you for capturing this process and sharing it with us. This was cathartic to watch. In my youth I was a performer, and my last time performing with fire, was actually my last, because I got badly burned. fortunately I was able to make a full recovery after many months. It was a chapter in my life that was closed abruptly. Again Thank You
Mga Kasolar 2
Okay I will do this at the park
Asianboi6997 Day ago
Something that not to many people can say is that, I have shot a Minigun
Stone Mortem
Stone Mortem Day ago
Have you guys done Tron: Legacy yet? Its one of my favorite movies of all time and Im curious what you guys think.
Hamza Stark
Hamza Stark Day ago
The most hilarious video of the day.
Kyle Bettis
Kyle Bettis Day ago
Can you guys review the scene in 1917 where Blake dies, even you its not anytime soon.
Ser budder
Ser budder Day ago
he actually a good pilot lmao
Tommy Maloney
PotC Davy Jones
Nivesh Anant KC
Ernan Huerta
Ernan Huerta Day ago
I hovered with two tables and lifted my self up
Aries McIntyre
Can anyone tell me that they have the millennial Lex Luther with them
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Day ago
After all the covid-19 settles and you all come back to the studio you all should react to halo 3 landfall
SeaSquall Day ago
Blade the first great comic book movie?? The Crow, Batman, Superman were all before Blade...
Javier Rivera
Do Harry potter
Mustafa Malik
16:17 "These guys are disregarding physics, reality, all that stuff" It seems a bit counterintuitive, considering they are Indians.
Yash Patel
Yash Patel Day ago
These are TOLLYWOOD movie and all Tollywood movies are like that only.
laser8389 Day ago
Brandon Cade
Brandon Cade Day ago
You should review the ‘big jump’ scene from Gone In 60 Seconds!
Mustafa Malik
VFX Artist: "Guys this reminds me of..." Me: Stop right there. Yes, we all know Bollywood movies are Hollywood knock offs
_OneManArmy_ Day ago
3:00 I didn't know Hugh Neutron worked for Corridor dang... <3
Robert Ransom
Hey Crew, watching Von Ryan’s express a World War II oldie. Wondering if you could do a show on the difficulty of action scenes on top of moving trains. From the oldies, through things like Mission Impossible to Under Siege II trains have been a nerve wracking platform for fights.
Venu Ganga
Venu Ganga Day ago
I like knives.
The prequels are way better than the new trilogy
Ng Jingxiang
Ng Jingxiang Day ago
This is Video Is 100% demonetized
Anuar Azar
Anuar Azar Day ago
I've always loved that GOW commercial, it's so damn beautiful and powerful, it's nice finally knowing who was responsible for such an amazing effect.
patriot one
patriot one Day ago
Bro in India we also make fun of these films these are trash..
Monkeyojacko Day ago
7:47 how does part 2 come out January 4th 2019
Aaron Hammons
We've lost
Sam Winchester
react to the power rangers and the evolution of their stunts and cgi
Xz0779 Day ago
Awesome work Niko 👍👍👍 very well done , kudos
Robin Eriksson
Clint! Are those allbirds wool runners?
UkEndings Day ago
His fods massive
CWCH Studios
CWCH Studios Day ago
Do the sequels please
Winged Donuts
OH SHIT bro u guys scared me at the very end of the vid. some brown guy showed up who saw that?
Balia Mohanty
First one is tollywood movie
V1P3R Day ago
12:52 why the hell old Lil Uzi there 😂😂
Registaani Thoughts & information
That last scene was from ambala movie and thats my favourite scene
Mckenzie Africa
I can't unsee trevor now
Armiel Gatus
Armiel Gatus Day ago
I wish i could do that too😭😭😭😭
RcGamerYt Day ago
Actually, if you read the comic her neck snaps because if whiplash.
Pedro Nunez
Pedro Nunez Day ago
Star Wars lightsaber battles!!
Magical55j Day ago
2:48 on the right. IS THAT D
40 Cal
40 Cal Day ago
Plot twist Zach never used cgi
Zomber_ Playz
Damn I can get a full year of VPN of the amount of times jake is talking about express VPN.
TwinAsians Day ago
Description in the link below
mini smithy
mini smithy Day ago
Look at the film 'walking with dinosaurs' I love this film
MtlCstr Day ago
You finally mentioned subscribing without being annoying, so I subscribed.
Jake Davidson
You guys should react to Transformers (the first one from 2007). It's such a great mix of practical effects & CGI!
Meowlover 7000
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Niko's desktop background?
Rohith S
Rohith S Day ago
Really loved this🤣🤣🤣 Especially the sound effects 🤣🤣♥️
CJ POW Day ago
This is not the apocalypse...
Orange Monkey
You need an energy converter to transfer the energy from the home-made battery's too the booster boards battery
SoGiga Day ago
Who's that 6:36 😏
Ben Galvin
Ben Galvin Day ago
so if you watch a movie like Hacksaw Ridge, are all of the bullets and blood going everywhere not realistic?
Mind n' Soul Therapy
nice work dude
Ahegao Day ago
It aint working
Kaden Rees
Kaden Rees Day ago
3:58 is the funniest thing that I've seen all week and when you slow it down and listen the laugh is hilarious
Normal guy
Normal guy Day ago
Wren:does this thing fit Me:that’s what he said My ego/humor: that was funny I love it hahahahahhaha Everyone else: this is a meh joke
rakesh siri
rakesh siri Day ago
Can you make Jackass-4 CGI
The most was intended to be viewed in black and white, this affects everything
Roguish Raven
Darth Maul comes back in clone wars do you're research
TwinAsians Day ago
How do you load it?
Corey Mund
Corey Mund Day ago
Says 50 caliber but then you realize that that’s not a 50 cal.
Axis Boise
Axis Boise Day ago
Dylan in trouble: SFX is so bad I'm not bashing him since I'm sub to him and watch his videos but~ Really?
Nathan Dust
Nathan Dust Day ago
So there is a Luc Besson film called “Lockout” starring Guy Pearce. And there is a particular scene called the unicycle chase. I’d love to see a reaction to that. Because that particular scene just is a splinter within that whole movie. It doesn’t match at all.
Josef Perszon
Jake and his kids are THE BEST
Hehe video length is LE:ET hehehe
Media Nasheed
Just buy her one from wish for like $200
mosasaurbite Day ago
Can you turn any one of the movies in the Jurassic Park franchise Rated R?
weston kelly
weston kelly Day ago
Watching corridor crew has slowly thought me about VFX And CGI. Like when they’re about to say something I can almost know what they’re going to say.
Jarhead 33
Jarhead 33 Day ago
James Haglund
You guys should work with hacksmith industries in Canada.
Wren and Clint: we'll do it ourselves also Wren and clint: why do we hear boss music
J Kelly
J Kelly Day ago
Scifi channel show Eureka
Onion Day ago
I never knew that half-gloves existed until now
Germz4U Day ago
So for the last 5 years I've been developing a crippling panic disorder. It started when I was on my way to work one day driving down the I-5 section colloquially dubbed the "S curves" when all of the sudden my vision became blurry and I started to vomit uncontrollably. I had no clue what was going on, I just thank god that my co worker was carpooling with me that day. I immediately pulled off the road and my friend dropped me off at a local urgent care. Fast forward about a year - at the YMCA I was doing some fairly heavy skullcrushers when suddenly my left arm started feeling weird, followed quickly by a strange nausea and shortness of breath. Oddly this was the first time that anxiety was even brought up as a possibility by the doctors. A few more mild attacks had come and gone in the years following, but then something very strange and very shitty happened : I had a stroke. I was in my apartment alone one day when the symptoms hit me; all of the sudden it felt like i was watching my life unfold on television. My consciousness had reseeded into my mind and I was helplessly watching myself test and retest my balance, I could hear nothing but my own breathing and every time i lifted a foot off of the ground I would tip to one side or the other. The paramedics dismissed it as a panic attack. I felt like I was dying. When I finally got myself to the hospital the next day (with the help of my 6 month pregnant wife) I was admitted immediately. After a battery of tests I was told that I had had a xenogenic stroke that had left between a golf ball and a tennis ball size chunk of my brain inactive. Needless to say - this did NOT help my panic attacks at all. Fast forward to today and my panic attacks have now taken on a whole different role in my life. They usually happen every other month, they've made me walk off of a job that I absolutely loved but also absolutely could have killed me had it been another stroke and not just a panic attack. Each attack takes about a week to recover from because they are so extraordinarily exhausting. I have been to the ER 5 times in the last 2 years because each attack presents with new and more terrifying symptoms just to hear a doctor say "you're ok.. go home and get some rest"
Deathzy Day ago
Who else just watched 20 minutes of people talking jibberish 🤣🤣
Technetic Day ago
Mint... so good
bhert bantilan
Why philippines doesn't have good movie editor.
Convel Blade
Convel Blade Day ago
Please tell me Clint is joking about flat earth stuff
Samisouna Savadogo
Matrix fights scenes <3
SharloMan Day ago
now i can kill myself with no pain
GONDEZ Day ago
do hancock, will smith
Noname 889955
Please react to houseki no kuni the cgi is great!
oni-chan Day ago
Its legit GLADOS
El Escolta
El Escolta Day ago
The thing i most love of this vlogs is how each one own personal cinematography style shines by been forced to self record themselfs
harley walker
Andrue Finley
So I have been having a massive increase in panic attacks. For me, always being aware of the ins and outs of anxiety through other people and ultimately getting them through their attacks was my service, my hobby. Not a self righteous jerk about it....just always wanted to help anyone in need. but I myself never experienced them regularly. At some point someone has had an panic attack or more than one, but normally they are infrequent or once in a blue moon at best. at least that wouldn't resurface for months or years. but as i learned, no one is safe from having an attack because its an effect, not a cause. All I've known so far about it was from personal experience that were shared to me in confidentiality and all my knowledge was mostly second hand experiences with a combination of social sciences....until recently. Suddenly I've been getting really bad attacks didn't know what was happening with me and the frequency sharply rose......I was drowning in panic attacks that seem to happen weekly to now daily...........out of nowhere. This will sound ignorant and offensive and I know it will, but I honestly believed myself to be "not the type of person to experience this". Not trying to slander anyone but my days were regulated and not exactly "predictable" but close enough. I was comfortable. But the sudden rise of panic and the quarantining unearthed some issues like with family, identity, purpose. i was hitting the worse things to freak out about back to back. Life.....got really hard. ( I spent the last 10 minuets heavily correcting the sentences because I feared being looked down on) These impulses are getting harder and harder to control because I don't have anything keeping me in check. All the usual time wasters people sink in isn't helping me because I'm a personality that has to be involved with people. I need things that require feedback, personal quality connections, human elements to it. I need to be present.....but it won't happen, not in any time frame that I see happening. So, instead of desperately doing the cry for help thing which I seriously am needing. I just want to tell anyone who is willing to listen that "no" it's not easy sorting through all of this but I am not alone and I just need others to also understand that they are not alone. Nothing feels good and yes its scary but if anyone can make it, its gotta be us. humans seen far worse and who knows maybe this is right up there with it. But hey, still here right? That has to mean something. Thank you corridor crew. This video helped take off the edge tonight. A break isn't something I'm seeing much these days. So thanks for keeping our spirits up.
75th Teaster
75th Teaster Day ago
Goddam snoop still looks like that fucking Doberman pincher dog that he turns into in that 90’s video
MicroDog7S Day ago
Could you guys do “The Lost City of Z” specifically the scene where a guy gets eaten by piranhas while another guy tries to get him untangled in a net. Wondering how they did that scene... looked like real piranhas to me.
sam little
sam little Day ago
i would’ve done that no question 😂
jkgaming101 Day ago
Dat thumbnail though