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We drove these electric cars until they DIED!
Views: 2 838 710 8 days ago
How far can these electric cars go before they die?! We drove the Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Nissan Leaf, Kia e-Niro and Mercedes EQC across the UK to see how long they could last! Sure, the smart money is on the Tesla, with its claimed range of up to 348 miles - but can the manuf...
$169 eBay Turbo Install
Views: 784 786 2 days ago
We buy the cheapest turbo in the world off eBay and then complete a budget turbo conversion on Yaris Hilton: our nugget Corolla engine swapped Toyota Yaris. After buying the cheapest Yaris we could find, we realised that it had a 1.3L engine instead of the more powerful 1.5. So we did the only ...
VLOG// Jeg har kjøpt meg bil!
Views: 22 997 5 days ago
Emilie Paulsen Instagram: @emilieepaulsen Snapchat: emiliep99
Views: 362 302 19 hours ago
BEVERLY HILLS POLICE USE UNLAWFUL INTIMIDATION TACTICS ON LAMBORGHINI OWNER no-vid.com/video/video-3dqeZq1wJ6k.html YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini* no-vid.com/video/video--Xx2ehfBQVM.html You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over! no-...
I Bought a Crashed JDM Supra In Japan!
Views: 397 710 Day ago
In today's episode we are in Japan checking out the crashed 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo that i bought before its imported into the United States. Importing this vehicle is made possible by JDM Buyer if you're interested in importing a JDM car to the USA head here: lp.jdmbuyer.com/bisforbui...
ROTARY Swapped Mystery Machine EP.5 SERIES FINALE - Cooper's First Rotary Micro Van BURNOUT!!!
Views: 789 794 3 days ago
Come see this thing rip at Cleetus and Cars Houston!!! Tickets on sale now right here: www.etix.com/ticket/e/1008046/cleetusandcars-baytown-houston-raceway-park-tx?_ga=2.194789229.119544724.1579192424-102862606.1579192424 The time has come... let's see if Cooper can SEND THIS THING!!!! #Bur...
$13,000 Custom 350Z vs. $33,000 Custom 350Z | HiLow
Views: 703 215 16 hours ago
$13,000 Turbo 350Z built with CHEAP parts vs. $33,000 twin-turbo 350Z built with EXPENSIVE parts. Does more expensive mean more better? We’re gonna find out once and for all. Donut bought two identical Nissan 350z’s, and for the past few weeks have been modifying them to be FUN, daily drivers th...
100MPH Entries (Airborne) in my JZX100 Chaser!
Views: 174 723 17 hours ago
Drift week kicks off at one of the biggest tracks we'll be at - Harris Hill where we go as fast as we can. Such an adrenaline rush! LZMFG.com
FIRST DRIVE In Our Honda V6 Powered Dune Buggy!
Views: 227 833 16 hours ago
First rip in the new buggy! Check these guys out!: Pfispeed ► pfispeed.com/ Huxracing ► www.huxracing.com/ Street2track ► www.street2track.net/ Want to send us something? Boostedboiz PO Box 1357 Loveland, CO 80539
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Part 2
Views: 793 322 Day ago
This is where it gets real! We did in to discover all of the damages on this 2020 Jeep Gladiator. A t-bone accident is something we have never repaired before but were still super excited to see how it goes. As soon as we get these repairs knocked out, we got some crazy plans for this beast! Stay...
Bugatti Veyron Snow Plow meets Utah Snow Typhoon
Views: 1 046 442 3 days ago
Subscribe to Houston's Channel, Royalty Exotic Cars! no-vid.com/show-UC9uIfxBZsokLzeqqgMv_qYw Follow Stefan on Instagram @stefanllewis instagram.com/stefanllewis/?hl=en
The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate Is a Bargain Luxury Sedan
Views: 961 560 Day ago
The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate is a bargain luxury sedan. Today I'm reviewing the G90 Ultimate and I'm going to show you what makes it such a bargain. I'm going to take you on a tour of the new 2020 G90, and then I'm going to drive the new Genesis G90 and show you what it'...
$500 Porsche 944 found in Junkyard Sold for $3000 Restoration Car Detail
Views: 246 873 18 hours ago
This is a 1984 Porsche 944 that sat in a junkyard and was eventually donated to Kars4Kids.org for a $500 tax voucher. I decided to donate a disaster car detail restoration in 2 days to see how much money we could raise for charity. We performed a paint restoration, interior disaster clean up, scr...
CYBERTRUCK BUILD (Part 3: Almost Done!)
Views: 1 823 826 6 days ago
Thanks to Brilliant for supporting the Hacksmith. Learn more at: brilliant.org/Hacksmith/ -- first 200 sign ups get 20% off a premium membership! Visit Accelerated Systems Inc to see the motors & controllers used in this project ► accelerated-systems-inc.myshopify.com/collections/hacksmith-k...
No more WIDEBODY 2020 Supra...?
Views: 307 101 Day ago
HA... never :p srry i was on vacay but im back now lol Thanks Ring for sponsoring todays video! Get started with your own Welcome kit here: Ring.com/tjhunt You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my Ferrari 458, BRZ, Supra, RX-7, 2JZ 350z, vlogs and everything else that I recor...
50 HP Barbie Jeep Jumps! + Full Engine Rebuild!
Views: 119 404 13 hours ago
Get almost 70% off the Kove Audio Solitude Noise Canceling Headphones here: koveaudio.com/gh70 Code GH70 We finally rebuilt the engine and are CRF450 Barbie Jeep! We used to the wiseco garage buddy rebuild kit and everything worked out great! She starts with one kick now! Now it's time to ta...
£500 Track Car Challenge
Views: 619 206 5 days ago
This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack try to pick up a track car for £500 before pitting it against a brand new Renault Megane RS Trophy in an track battle showdown with a difference! SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/CTSubscribe Alex: instagram.com/autoalex Ethan: instagram.com/ethansmale Jack: instagram.com/jackwjo...
Honda CEO statement, Nissan Leaf Pricing, Ionity chargers price hike, New Jaguar EV | Fully Charged
Views: 92 919 Day ago
Robert is back for the first news of 2020 and there is much to discuss, from price hikes to new cars to odd CEO statements. Robert gives his thoughts on it all. Arrival www.electrive.com/2020/01/16/hyundai-kia-invest-in-arrival/ Enervate www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200114005035/en/ Jag ww...
Views: 466 976 16 hours ago
Friz jest jednym z najmłodszych milionerów w Polsce, a majątek zgromadził dzięki publikowaniu filmów na NO-vid. Ma ponad 3,3 mln subskrypcji i 1,7 folowersów na Instagramie. Zgromadził wokół siebie grupę przyjaciół i wspólnie z nimi podbija Internet. Jest przy tym rozsądnym człowiekiem, który rei...
Honda Civic front suspension completely converted to 240SX!! (Remaking The STRUT TOWER)
Views: 97 121 Day ago
ShopJimmyO.com Support the build!! Patreon.com/JimmyOakes Patreon.com/JimmyOakes Send some sub mail!! Jimmy Oakes PMB 169 61 N. Plains Industrial Rd. Wallingford, CT 06492
Unleash LEG ARMS! 🚜 Tractor Repairs! Let's Fix the HEAVY Lifters! 💪
Views: 204 319 4 days ago
Our CASE IH 7140 Magnum tractor and John Deere 844 wheel loader are our largest bucket loaders on the farm. We resort to them frequently to do the big lifting. But with the 3 point hitch broken on the CASE IH and a nasty hydraulic leak on the John Deere both machines were parked. It feels good to...
The Nonexistent Train Station that Legally Exists
Views: 323 495 Day ago
Sign up for an annual CuriosityStream subscription and also get a free Nebula subscription (the new streaming platform built by creators) here: CuriosityStream.com/hai Get a Half as Interesting t-shirt: standard.tv/collections/half-as-interesting Suggest a video and get a free t-shirt if we use...
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Follow my new Tik Tok! www.tiktok.com/@vehiclevirginsofficial SUBSCRIBE TO VEHICLE VIRGINS ► bitly.com/2fTZGSm YESTERDAYS VIDEO! ► no-vid.com/video/video-hftjqKjUWtQ.html BUYING A ROLLS ROYCE WRAITH AT AGE 25!!! Follow VV on Instagram for behind the scenes! @VehicleVirgins instagram.com/vehic...
BOAT LIFE: Rainy Day at Sea. Tacking upwind to RHODE ISLAND! Ep. 232
Views: 317 994 2 days ago
Please donate to a good cause, the people and creatures of Kangaroo Island need our help 🙏🏼💔 www.gofundme.com/kangarooisland absolutely every cent counts! We love you guys. The crew on La Vagabonde and the whole of Australia thanks you. xx Song Credits: 00:00 Eastlove - Sunday Afternoon (Instrum...
My First Drive of The Hermes Bugatti Chiron!
Views: 834 050 3 days ago
It is finally happening! I am taking out the Hermes Bugatti Chiron for its first real test drive. I am just going to run through all my first impressions of the car. Let me tell you, you will not want to miss this one! JOIN MY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: bit.ly/mkmentorshipyt SHOP MY STORE: www.mannykho...
This Plane Landed Sideways
Views: 3 662 123 13 days ago
Links To Sources: India Car Well: no-vid.com/video/video-EonmnleFy_I.html Plane: no-vid.com/video/video-ZPn3MBNt7Rc.html Rock Formation: no-vid.com/video/video-8gYxqxJffMA.html instagram.com/p/B7F8CJ8oDM2/?igshid=1nvhj9l5zshso Kiss Fish: no-vid.com/video/video-fz14vEFqvog.html Penguin: ins...
New TVR Griffith in London! Chasing My Future Shmeemobile
Views: 79 971 13 hours ago
What's happening with the TVR Griffith, a future Shmeemobile?! While TVR are out in central London with the new car, let's go find it and get some updates, in the process having a good look around and chasing it through the streets. Starting off in the garage we have the BMW M8 Competi...
Welding a grapple bucket
Views: 203 095 Day ago
Stick welding a cracked grapple bucket on a tractor, then operating the tractor on a tree job.
God Level Drivers Who Do Unreal Things
Views: 262 621 15 hours ago
For copyright matters please contact us at: copymanager.mn@gmail.com TechZone ► goo.gl/Gj3wZs Even if you've only performed car stunts in a video game like Need for Speed, you probably have some idea how difficult it is. Of course, drifting and overcoming obstacles may seem easy in movies,...
$10,000 If Anyone Can Break Into This Car!!
Views: 788 106 4 days ago
Click Here To Watch My Last Video: no-vid.com/video/video-k-uUwxfvK70.html TGFbro: no-vid.com/video/video-6yTGi1EeczQ.html Watch More Awesome Video This Week: no-vid.com/video/video-LdMx2U5tby0.html SOOUUU WEEEE!!
Living With A Tesla Model 3 For A Year - The Best Daily Driver
Views: 104 941 18 hours ago
1 Year Review Living With A Tesla Model 3 Performance Get 1,000 Miles Free Supercharging - ts.la/jason66047 Save $50 On T-Sportline Wheels - rwrd.io/4o5mrcd?c The Tesla Model 3. It has disrupted the industry and built as much love as it has hate. I've lived with my Tesla Model 3 Performance...
Autopilot takes over, will this be the end of PILOTS?!
Views: 35 290 13 hours ago
Get the FREE app 📲www.mentourpilot.com/apps/ On the 18th of December an Airbus A350 did the first ever fully automatic takeoff in Toulouse. With the Airbus ATTOL program, the aircraft will soon be able to both taxi, takeoff and land automatically. Will this be the beginning of the end of the pil...
Rebuilding a Destroyed ZR1 Corvette Part 1
Views: 554 137 6 days ago
All knives 25% off for the next few days! bunkerbranding.com/collections/skif-knives All the equipment I use to make my videos!!! www.amazon.com/shop/demolitionranch All Mere's Stuff: www.shopthelinc.com www.merecarriker.com www.liketoknow.it/mere_carriker Music: no-vid.com/video/video-...
Manchester United vs Burnley Road Trip
Views: 39 416 17 hours ago
On the road to Old Trafford and Flex and Miles discuss how they think the team will line up without Rashford, the current level of the Premier and of course, transfers! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm 🚨VISIT OUR WEBSITE 🚨For all the latest United news and TUS content: www.theunitedstand.com ...
Jared's Insane Car "Collection" Is SUPER WEIRD And SUPER COOL
Views: 96 047 19 hours ago
Subscribe to Wrench Every Day ► bit.ly/2D4iSp8 Follow us on Instagram ► instagram.com/wrencheveryday ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Today, Jared takes us on a tour of Wrench Every Day Site B, with his other projects, namely his two rare ...
Views: 886 729 5 days ago
It's a race to see who can break open the mystery safe first! Whoever can open the safe first wins the prize inside! We don't which prize is in which safe! FOLLOW DANGIE BROS ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIAS (@TheDangieBros): Facebook: facebook.com/DangieBrosVideos/ Instagram: instagram.com/thed...
FASTEST CAR, YOUNGEST DRIVER - driving a $200,000 sports car with Lando Norris
Views: 1 847 823 12 days ago
*THIS IS A SPONSORED VIDEO* the trip to Vegas, hanging w Lando and driving the McLaren all possible because of OnePlus. Follow @OnePlus on Instagram - instagram.com/oneplus/ Follow @OnePlus_USA on Twitter - twitter.com/OnePlus_USA Learn more about the OnePlus & McLaren Partnership here: www...
My Ferrari Almost Caught Fire Again, and Other Broken Hoopties
Views: 331 257 5 days ago
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to keeps.com/hoovies to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment Check out my new merch with Inshane Designs! inshanedesigns.com/product-category/hoovies-collection/ Read my column on Autotrader here: www.autotrader.com/o...
Koenigsegg Regera Review - In Depth & Flat Out!
Views: 245 174 5 days ago
This is the Koenigsegg Regera, a 1500hp 1500lb ft hypercar with just one gear called Koenigsegg Direct Drive. The Regera is a full carbon bodied supercar, with 3 electric motors and a turbo charged 5.0l V8 engine enabling a 0-60 of 2.8 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 255mph. T...
Views: 479 792 5 days ago
Click here to explore your creativity and get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium Membership►skl.sh/tavarish3 Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Today, I make a video I never thought I'd make. I'm cancelli...
SLEEPOVER IN MY TRUCK 😍 - Angelica Larsson
Views: 166 035 3 days ago
Aaah! I love to sleep in my truck and tonight I'm lucky enough to do so 😍 I brought my blanket, pillow and all of that stuff 😄 a little but of a storytime video 😊 Driving up north where we still have some snow, which means that it's important not to forget about the heater 😍! busine...
Deep Cleaning a SMOKER'S Dirty Car | DISASTER Car Detailing & Complete Vehicle Transformation!
Views: 1 335 756 5 days ago
Deep Cleaning a SMOKER’S Dirty Car - DISASTER Car Detailing & Complete Vehicle Transformation! This Mitsubishi Eclipse was covered in dirt, had super dirty carpets and was one of the worst smelling vehicles I’ve ever detailed! It needed a full interior car detailing and exterior car detailing...
[1030] Tire-Deflating Car Lock Picked FAST!
Fummins Build Pt.5! Dropping The Cummins Into The 6.4 Ford Chassis!
Views: 87 649 2 days ago
In this episode of the Ultimate Tow Rig Build where we are swapping a CR Cummins into a 6.4 Ford F-350 Dually chassis, we get the Cummins installed into the Ford! DCS - www.dieselconversion.com/ Tools Used Milwaukee Cordless Grinder - amzn.to/2Z9rVUH Milwaukee Tool Stubby 3/8" Impact - amzn....
Installing the Parts From Japan on my Skyline GT-R! NEW MODS!
Views: 165 625 3 days ago
UltraMotive Shop: ultramotiveshop.com/ GT-R book: www.gtrthejourney.com/shop/gt-r-the-journey-book Instagram: instagram.com/jackultramotive/?hl=en Twitter: twitter.com/JackUltraMotiv Subscribe 4 More!!! Don't be afraid to comment! Twitch: www.twitch.tv/jackultramotiveyt Friends in the v...
Compress Air with No Moving Parts! - Trompe
Views: 503 176 8 days ago
A brief overview of this ingenious method of compressing air using only the power of water. Explore your creativity and get 2 free months of Skillshare premium membership: skl.sh/practicalengineering5 The way a trompe harnesses the power of water to generate compressed air with no moving parts i...
Billet 4 Rotor Lost Compression. It ate Aluminum!
Views: 278 932 5 days ago
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Keeps' treatments are up to 90% effective at reducing and stopping further hair loss. Head to keeps.com/robdahm to learn more and get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. T-Shirts: www.dahmracing.com/collections/shop Patreon for Build V...
Quad With Sand Dune Tires Rips In Snow!!!! (Crash)
Views: 217 849 6 days ago
New CboysTV Merch: cboystv.com/ Get entered for the snowmobile giveaway at any of these sites: cboystv.com/ erasedproducts.com/ wideopenparts.com/ Follow us on instagram and snapchat @CboysTV In todays video, we release our new merchandise line, Jake and Micah build a nice snowmobile jump to...
Flying A Fighter Jet Between Buildings
Views: 5 008 130 10 days ago
This is Weekly Dose Of Aviation #29 Links to sources: Flying A Fighter Jet Between Buildings - no-vid.com/video/video-RXkAxviBAtg.html Jet Blast - no-vid.com/video/video-pyiHFb3z324.html Flying Over Giza Pyramids - no-vid.com/video/video-njZ0pPzPGhA.html Near Midair Miss - no-vid.com/video/v...
I Bought A Rally Car! [And Drove 1,500 Miles To Scandinavia]
Views: 83 375 3 days ago
It's the Team Galag Snow Tour and this year I decided to buy a special car for the occasion! Introducing my Citroen C4 WRC reproduction/replica/homage. Based on a 2006 Citroen C4 2.0 VTS, the car has been meticulously transformed into the iconic 00's rally car. Snow Tour Vol.3 took pla...
Sail Life - Athena’s new head & boat goodies - DIY sailboat project
Views: 44 860 3 days ago
Athena’s new head finally got here! A Marine Elegance from Raritan. *** Links *** Sail Life Shop: (Items are shipped from both the US and EU) saillifeshop.com/ Sail Life on Patreon: bit.ly/SailLifeOnPatreon Sail Life on Instagram: instagram.com/madsdahlke Sail Life on Facebook: bit.ly/SailLi...
Destroying My Brothers Car And Surprising Him With A New One
Views: 398 752 7 days ago
Destroyed FaZe Kay's Old Car and Suprised Him with a new Car! Listen to my NEW song - music.apple.com/us/album/b4l/1491768426?i=1491768427 Twitter- twitter.com/liljarviss Instagram- instagram.com/fazejarvis/ Jarvis & Kay Channel- m.no-vid.com/show-UC0Jm3RQtmtwxxTc2gZkqDNw Twitch- www.t...
Dope Tech of CES 2020: Sony Made a Car?!
Views: 1 969 566 13 days ago
Sony made a car. OnePlus made a piano. Razer made a mini PC. CES still got it! My CES photo thread: twitter.com/MKBHD/status/1214605762749616128 OnePlus Concept One: no-vid.com/video/video-Jp8bBZHDULA.html MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: kit.co/MKBHD/video-gear#recom... Tech I�...
McLaren Unboxed | Sitting Comfortably? | #MCL35
Views: 251 036 7 days ago
New year, new car, new Unboxed. #FearlesslyForward Enter the ballot to win tickets for the MCL35 car launch: www.mclaren.com/racing/mclaren+/events-and-competitions/win-tickets-2020-f1-car-launch/ Subscribe and be the first to watch exclusive content from the Official McLaren NO-vid channel: n...
The Most Wanted BMW | 3.0 CSL Hommage R
Views: 1 284 466 6 days ago
I was invited to the home of BMW to take a look at the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R! Personally, I've never been able to rev a concept car before, and what I heard was music to my ears! We take a look around this car, and other super rare and cult worthy cars in this vid. Thanks for watching always...
No! We had to turn back on our first sail - Ep. 185 RAN Sailing
Views: 78 666 5 days ago
Our first sail with Ran II didn't go as planned... We are a Swedish couple who have sailed the world since 2016 while sharing the adventures here on NO-vid. In 2019 our daughter was born and we bought a bigger boat to continue sailing as a family. CONNECT WITH US: - Website: ransailing.se ...
Here Are the Cars in Doug DeMuro's Dream Garage
Views: 268 828 5 days ago
Today, Doug DeMuro is explaining what cars are in his dream garage. I'm often asked what cars I'd pick for my dream garage, and today I'm going to explain them. PAST CARS I'VE OWNED! no-vid.com/video/video-OJuu24LksEM.html WEBSITE & MERCH! www.dougdemuro.com FOLLOW ME! ...
Couple Chase Suspected Kidnapper After Amber Alert
Views: 584 786 6 days ago
Dramatic video shows a couple get into a high-speed chase with a suspected child kidnapper on a Massachusetts highway after an Amber Alert was issued for a while who went missing in Springfield. “He just blew through a red light,” a woman can be heard saying in the video. “He's blowing throu...
Ferrari w cenie Skody #15 - Spawanie udane, czas na kolejne elementy!
Views: 144 866 6 days ago
Subskrybuj mój kanał: no-vid.com/u-patrykmikiciuk Każdy fan motoryzacji marzy o posiadaniu super-samochodu. Tym razem chcę udowodnić, że marzenia warto realizować. W tej serii filmów będę relacjonował przebieg prac polegających na odbudowie samochodu jakim jest Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Auto zost...
Views: 57 237 12 hours ago
Check out our limited GT3RS NVRLIFT apparel at www.nvrlift.co Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this build that has been in the making for over a year. Follow us on IG: Edmond: @Edmond_Mondi TomyBoy aka Rocketbyz: @Rocketbyz Studio: @Terminal8studios Gintani: @Gintani Evoke Custom...
My Cummins Swapped Roadkill Ramp Truck Is in the Bodyshop-Finnegan's Garage Ep.88
Views: 276 006 9 days ago
The Roadkill Chevy Square body ramp truck has served me well over the years. This 1973 Chevy R30 has hauled cars, trucks-even boats to race tracks all across America. It's even been to the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, for Speed Week, which is why the truck now has rust eati...
UAZ-based Tesla Cybertruck - bodywork done
Views: 691 287 8 days ago
Our instagram instagram.com/garage__54/ UAZ-based Tesla Cybertruck - bodywork done
Building the ULTIMATE 2008 Subaru WRX STI Hatchback - Part 2
Views: 250 074 7 days ago
Our 2008 Subaru STi gets a custom rear diffuser and we continue to upgrade the car. We start installing the Mishimoto intercooler kit and Mishimoto cold air intake. Carbon fiber parts from Seibon also arrive thanks to Rickie. Every $1 Spent = 1 Entry to Win -- www.throtl.com Use Promo Code &qu...
Views: 1 551 162 8 days ago
SHOP shawstrength.com FOR THE BEST TRAINING APPAREL IN THE GAME!! CHECKOUT MY SPONSORS: RedCon1: Redcon1.com?aff=3059 CBD-Fit: cbd-fit.com/ Trifecta Nutrition: www.trifectanutrition.com/brianshaw Rogue Fitness: www.roguefitness.com/?a_aid=599c9935cd23a New Age Performance Mouthware: newageperfor...
Randy Specs Out One of THE FIRST 2020 Audi RS6 Wagons In The USA! *LAMBORGHINI OWNERS BEWARE*
Views: 177 985 3 days ago
CLICK THE LINK! GET 15% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH PROMO CODE “SAVAGE” vincerowatches.com/SAVAGE GET READY FOR THE 2020 AUDI RS6 1200HP RALLY MONSTER! When this car was announced, the same day Randy posted on instagram saying he was getting one. Today, we go to our local Audi dealership to spec one ou...
Does Lucas Transmission Fix Work?  Let's find out!
Views: 343 194 2 days ago
Lucas Transmission Fix tested in a worn transmission. Lucas Transmission Fix claims to stop slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions. This product was tested on a 2000 Honda Accord with transmission problems. Additional testing was also done including an analysis of properties ...
Well...HUGE Problem with Wrecked 2019 ram 2500 Cummins.
Views: 534 438 11 days ago
We uncovered a huge problem with our 2019 ram Cummins. Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/westengw Facebook:facebook.com/westengw
Electric Car Charging, How long does it REALLY take?
Views: 344 199 13 days ago
See me in Austin on February 1st and 2nd Book tickets here: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fully-charged-live-north-america-tickets-64724987179 Use discount code 8BIT15 for 15% off. Thanks to Perifractic & Ladyfractic for some footage: no-vid.com/u-perifractic Support The 8-Bit Guy on Patreon: www....
1967 Shelby GT500 Barn Find and Appraisal That Buyer Uses To Pay Widow -  Price Revealed
Views: 4 233 566 15 days ago
Watch Bob, his son Preston, and a Shelby restorer drag a classic Shelby, parked 40 years, out of a barn in Iowa.. Then watch the restorer appraise the car and establish a fair price (revealed) to pay the widow. NOTE: Extraction process challenged by Shelby the barn cat.
Making a DRIVETRAIN and Installing the Micro V4 ENGINE on the RC Car!
Views: 4 138 048 11 days ago
Subscribe! bit.ly/2m1d1y7 Merch! bit.ly/2ux0oyS ►Toyan V4 MIcro Engine: bit.ly/2pd23XI Use Code: SKQ90 for Extra 10% OFF ►The gearbox I used: bit.ly/2tS43XP ►ESC for the starter with button: bit.ly/2tU7qNW ►Other Toyan Engine:bit.ly/2SVK4zR ►PocketNC 5 Axis Mill:bit.ly/2TeYxt4 Instag...
funny birds have a sword fight with their beaks ROFL
Views: 2 043 719 19 days ago
lol these guys crack me up with no-vid.com/u-PoetryArchive no-vid.com/u-leeseisenbahnen no-vid.com/u-jakeyboygen?spfreload=5 no-vid.com/u-CoasterFan2105 music no-vid.com/video/video-OA50yxCXzuo.html
Pawn Stars: DODGE MAGNUM Goes from SALE to PAWN (Season 8) | History
Views: 704 341 5 days ago
After Corey's offer is not even close to this seller's original asking price, he decides to pawn his Dodge Magnum wagon for some gambling money in this clip from Season 8, "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service." #PawnStars Subscribe for more from Pawn Stars: po.st/SubscribeToPawnSta...
This day.. didn’t go as planned!
Views: 254 620 11 days ago
● Click SUBSCRIBE to see more of my Videos 😀 Don’t forget to click that LIKE button! 👍 ‎I upload new videos everyday at 7pm GMT, so see you again tomorrow! :) Grab yourself a Syndicate Shirt! ► www.syndicateoriginal.com/ ‎ ‎Send me something! ‎Tom Syndicate PO Box 418 ‎HYDE SK14 9DN ‎ My Socia...
DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation!
Views: 5 186 546 11 days ago
HIT SUBSCRIBE & Turn On Notifications for More Transformation Detailing Videos! DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 19 of a Hyundai Elantra that is beyond description of how filthy and nasty it wa...
Surprising my Dad with his Dream Car (75% off MSRP)!!!
Views: 3 094 048 23 days ago
Buying my Dad his dream car and surprising him with it out of nowhere was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I surprised my dad with a new car and he did not expect it at all! We saved over 75% off of MSRP by not buying it from the dealership! With luxury cars it's better ...
Why Do F1 Cars Spark?
Views: 1 017 562 12 days ago
Why do Formula 1 cars create a shower of sparks when racing at 200mph? What are the differences between the sparks in the 1980's and the sparks now? You've come to the right place to find out. SUBSCRIBE to WTF1 bit.ly/WTF1Subscribe Visit Our Shop: bit.ly/2tepK1e ----- Follow WTF1 ---...
Home of the Future at CES 2020!
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Tour of the LG ThinQ Anywhere is Home Booth at CES. Thanks to LG Electronics for Sponsoring this Video. www.lg.com/us/lg-thinq What's inside Cool Tech of CES 2020? no-vid.com/video/video-ADwYtNBc6H8.html Some really interesting current and future Tech inside of this booth that will someday...
Truck Drives on 20 FOOT TALL WHEELS (World Record)
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I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was born. It was a RIDICULOUS amount of work. But totally worth it. At least we have some spares incase one breaks. Enjoy! #20FOOTERS Official whistlindiesel instagram is @whistlindiesel
What It's Like To Test The World's Longest Flight
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Transportation reporter David Slotnick flew on a nearly 20-hour flight from New York City to Sydney. The Qantas Airways route was a test to see how the world's longest flights affect the human body. David was one of just 40 passengers on board to participate in the first experimental flight....
James May reviews his own cars - Tesla Model S vs Toyota Mirai
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James May has bought two electric cars this year and they're at two very different ends of the EV scale. On one side, we have the incredibly quick Tesla Model S 100D, and on the other we have the Prius-based (and very comfortable) Toyota Mirai. Which one does he think will be the future? Let...
My new car is a crazy 60mph 'toy'!!!
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I like cars of all sizes. Even those too small to drive. In this video I unbox my new radio controlled car - an Arrma Mojave. It's electric powered and uses a brushless motor which can propel it up to 60mph. See my first attempt at an unboxing then see me blast this truck and jump it! For m...
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Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer Stole The Mystery Neighbor Brand New Tesla Truck!! Who will get to do a Mystery Neighbor Face Reveal?? 🔥GET MERCH NOW!! ━► stephensharer.com/ In Stephen Sharer last vlog “STOPPING MYSTERY NEIGHBOR from BREAKING INTO OFFICIAL SHARER FAM HOUSE!!” You saw Stephen S...
Why are Japanese car guys missing fingers?
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Steve explains the Japanese Lambo Scene - no-vid.com/video/video-C8C5jSCLfb4.html Steve travels between the US and Japan often. When he met Damon Fryer and Dave Coulter from Daily Driven Exotics, they asked him to escort them to Japan to get the true experience. Check out his channel here: no-vi...
I Fixed a DEAD $1,400 Auction Range Rover for $100 in Parts! It Runs AMAZING!
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Entries for the Range Rover Contest have been CLOSED and Updates will be upcoming through Instagram: instagram.com/samcracc/ Workshop Manuals that guide me through working on the Range Rover (SAME AS DEALER FOR ALL MAKES/MODELS): bit.ly/2EIOap4 We finally get the Range Rover running and driving...
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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: twitter.com/alexwaarren In todays video Me and Tanner Fox surprise my best friend with his dream car, Paper jumps a dirt bike, Calvin and I become Tik Tok dancers, and I meet identical twins for the first time. Tanner's Channel: no-vid.com/u-tannerfox instagram.com/tan...
Why BMW Is No Longer The Leader In Luxury Sales
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BMW lost its crown as the top-selling luxury brand around the world to fellow German rival Mercedes-Benz. In 2012, the BMW brand led Mercedes-Benz in global annual sales, but Mercedes-Benz gained the top spot in 2016 and has held it since. Mercedes has also surpassed BMW in its home continent of ...
This “New” ’85 Toyota Corolla is the Best Worst Idea Ever: Hert Gets an AE86!
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Why does a man with 9 cars need a new daily driver? A 34 year old Corolla, at that? The answer, of course, is carcaine. It hits hard. So while Hert may be juggling a grip of different project cars, it's tough to say no to an adolescent dream car: a proper Toyota AE86 hatch, with some goods a...
Hide N Seek from Private Investigator!
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Hide and Seek from a private investigator for 24 hours! Can we do it?? Capron YT: no-vid.com/u-Capronfunk Corey YT: no-vid.com/u-iamcoreyfunk Jason Shaw: www.confidentialcontrols.com/ Funk Brand: funkbrand.co/ Instagram: instagram.com/funkbros Twitter: twitter.com/funkbrossmx Twitch: www.twitc...
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Click the link to get 15% off the best watches on this planet! vincerowatches.com/choiholidays Instagram: @alex.choi
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Sup dudes and dudettes, This video is sponsored by FOREO! Being active is part of my day to day life. I’m always looking for fun ways to keep my body moving. In addition to eating clean and exercising I aim to have healthy skin as well. That’s why I incorporate the #FOREOLUNAMINI2 into my post a...
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🔥GET MERCH NOW!!🔥━► www.teamrar.com/ In today's video, Carter Sharer invites Team RAR including Lizzy Capri, Ryan Prunty, Stove's Kitchen, and special guest Bailey Payne AKA Bagels to an epic last to leave challenging involving mini cars. Carter challenges his friends Lizzy, Ryan, Sto...
I Took Her To Our 1st Date, Then Surprised Her With HER DREAM CAR... *EMOTIONAL*
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SUBSCRIBE to BRAWADIS ▶ bit.ly/SubscribeToBrawadis FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL ▶ Twitter: twitter.com/Brawadis ▶ Instagram: instagram.com/brawadis/ ▶ Snapchat: brawadis Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe a...
Sending Empty Tesla Autopilot Through Drive Thru!
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can you send a totally empty Tesla thru a drive thru man lemme find out Watch another video ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rwMH... My family channel ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEccz... My 2nd channel ► bit.ly/2NfCrVu Hydra (my merch) ► bit.ly/hydrashop ME ► instagram.com/trahan twitter.com/trahan twi...
Straight Piping My $850 Mercedes S600 V12! Pagani Sound For $180?!
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Today we straight pipe our $850 V12 Mercedes S600! Our goal is to make it sound like a Pagani with a cheap F1 exhaust mod for only $180! We bought this wrecked W220 S600 at salvage auction for only $850, cheapest in the USA. This is part 8 of the rebuild series. Will it sound like Effspot's ...